This free presentation will give you insights into how improving your business communication is your best pathway to a recover faster. Learn how you can follow five simple steps to double your market share within 12 months.

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Here is What You’ll Learn

What Influences Consumers

You'll discover the critical factor that influences over 90% of our purchases, Hard to believe, but you'll find it's a fact.

Why Most Advertising Isn’t Working

We'll learn what coincided with the documented worldwide decline in advertising efficiency and whether it is the same problem you're wasting money on right now.

How Best to Allocate Your Advertising?

We'll unpack the optimum sweet spot for how you should allocate your advertising budget.

What are the Big Guns Doing?

You’ll see exactly what the world’s biggest advertiser is doing right now in the middle of a recession to ensure they recover faster.

What Really Matters

We'll show you the four factors that influence over 76% of whether your advertising will work or not.

Making Your Message Stand Out

You may think great creative is an art, but you will learn the formulas all great creative is abiding by so you can apply it to your business to make your advertising infinitely more effective.

About Roy Hawker

Roy has worked in 82 media markets around the world and helped local direct clients, just like yourself, allocate over US$216,000,000 in advertising. He has visited South Africa 55 times over 16 consecutive years. And worked with SA media organisations, including Jacaranda FM, East Coast Radio, Smile FM, OFM, Algoa FM, Caxton Community Newspapers and Heart FM.

He is a world renown sales and marketing consultant who has played a major role in the success of many South African businesses.